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Summer is upon us and it is time to plan your next vacation to the beautiful coastline of Midcoast Maine.  Come stay with us at the Harborage Inn on the Oceanfront and let us be your ultimate tour guide and vacation guide for Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  With our downtown, tidal waterfront location, you simply can leave your car and walk to all of the heart and pleasures that Boothbay Harbor has to offer!  Restaurants, boating excursions, whale watching, kayaying, shopping and of course Maine lobster are just a short stroll away.  Our 3rd generation family run business prides itself on providing optimal service and atttention to detail for a fantastic, relaxing lodging experience in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  Book your favorite room today at

Maine Lobster 

Once you have your lodging in Boothbay Harbor reserved, it is time to explore and enjoy all that delicious Maine lobster.  Our region is a fishing village specifically known for it’s delicious Maine lobster.  Some say it’s fresh, unique taste comes from the cold temperatures of the Maine oceans.  I’m not sure but once you take one bite, you will understand why people travel from all of the world and country to taste this delicacy.  With all this incredible abundance of delicious Maine lobster, you can imagine there are an overwhelming amount of places to chose from which can make it difficult to know where to go.  This is why we are here to help guide you!

Where to Find the Best Maine Lobster Rolls?!

Shannon Unshelled

You won’t need to travel far from your Harborage Inn on the Oceanfront to find some amazing Maine lobster rolls.  After a great night’s rest, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start your day.  Simply a 2-3 minute walk right from our inn, you will find a gem of a place known as Shannon’s Unshelled .  Most watering, super fresh lobster rolls are stuffed to the brim.  Take in breathtaking views of the inner harbor of Boothbay Harbor, Maine as you enjoy every bite.  A full lobster will be shucked from it’s shell and loaded into a buttery roll served with potato chips, cole slaw and a pickle.  This is a must stop while in Boothbay Harbor!


East Boothbay General Store

Head out to East Boothbay to check out the phenomenal views of the ocean at Ocean Point.  This location offers 180 degree panoramic views of the ocean and is a site to see.   Park your car and walk along the oceanside, take your bikes and ride them or drop your kayaks here as well.  Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll want to stop at the East Boothbay General Store .  This historic landmark is not only a must stop and site to see, the food is absolutely delicious!  The Boston Globe even called the East Boothbay General Store when of the best lobster rolls to be found.  Their exact words, “ A more intricate take on the traditional Maine lobster roll, the East Boothbay General Store seasonally serves up a delectable twist on the dish. An artisanal roll replaces the usual hot dog bun, which is topped off with heaping portions of lobster meat as well as hints of mayo, lemon zest, and salad greens.  It sounds delicious to me!  Want to hear more of the Boston Globes tips on their favorite lobster roll stops, go here:

Red’s Eats 

You’ll then want to travel to the gorgeous town of Wiscasset, Maine to hit up the infamous Red’s Eats .  Look for a line of people waiting beside a colorful red and white seafood shack and you will know you’ve found it.  A full lobster is shucked and placed in a warm grilled bun with your choice of butter or mayo.  USA Today has coined in one of America’s famous seafood shacks and you’ll know why once you take a bite.  It is worth the wait in line many will tell you!

Five Islands Lobster Co

The name should say enough as they are known for their lobster which gets hauled off the boats right out of the sea right there.  It doesn’t get any fresher than that!  Nestled on the fishing villages of Georgetown, the view alone is beyond breathtaking and worth the drive.  They serve everything from steamed lobsters, lobster rolls as well as a myriad of fried seafood.  The Downeast Magazine has said they have the best fried clams in all of Maine!  They have a fanatic YouTube video too that will give you a great tour and sense of all their offerings which can be found here:


The Harborage Inn on the Oceanfront 

Now that you will have your go to Maine lobster roll iternary planned, The Harborage Inn on the Oceanfront will cover the rest!  Pick your favorite room from three room catergories of Oceanside Rooms



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Still looking for more Maine lobster centered activities!?  Keep a look out for the annual Claw Down Maine Lobster Competition in Boothbay Harbor, Maine as well as the Rockland Maine Lobster Festival 2018 internary.

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