The Harborage Inn has been a Seaside Inn since 1925 and is Boothbay Harbor’s longest continuously operated Inn. We offer our guests the unsurpassed tradition, quality & service from our family-run business now carried on in its 3rd generation.


The Harborage Inn was built in 1869 and became an operating Inn in 1925.  In the Spring of 1971, the Harborage came up for sale and Troy’s grandparents Effie & Robert Wallace were delighted to purchase this historic landmark.  They owned the inn for many years and built a strong reputation for true quality, hospitality & family tradition.

In 1999, Troy & Emery Chapman purchased the Harborage Inn from Troy’s grandparents and now take great pride in maintaining these traditions & high standards.  


Harborage (Har bor age) Noun: 1(Nautical) Shelter & anchorage for ships. A place of refuge (as for a ship).

Where can I get me harborage for the night? ~Tennyson


Currently Boothbay Harbor’s maritime use is predominately for recreation purposes, Boothbay Harbor was historically founded as a port for large fishing & Windjammer commerce boats with it’s large, deep & protected harbor.   Also referred to as “A Small Bay of Fundy” due to its high vertical drop in tidal range – 9 to 12 feet (the tide ebbs and flows in our harbor every 6 hours as the ocean fills up the harbor and then empties completely) which perfectly shelters all boats docked in the harbor from the damaging waves of the North Atlantic.